12 Days of Music: A Review of Anderson .Paak’s Album Malibu

Artist: Anderson .Paak

Album: Malibu

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Malibu was released all the way back in the second week of January, and it has yet to be surpassed by any other album that has passed through my ears in 2016. From front to back, this album is drenched in funky beats, LA soul and infectious grooves that will keep you nodding your head and tapping your toes throughout the 16-track effort. This album has staying power, and in a society where flashes-in-the-pan are all the masses are looking for, it’s easy to overlook masterpieces that don’t cater to the current model, but do your ears and your soul a favor by stopping and fully immersing yourself in this personal journey Anderson has laid out for all of us to delve into.

From the opening guitar flicks of “The Bird” to the ode for the not-so-blessed, “The Dreamer”, Brandon Paak Anderson has crafted a truly unique album that is not to be missed. Personal favs can be found at tracks 4 – “The Season/Carry Me”; 10 – “Room In Here” feat. The Game & Sonyae Elise; and track 15 – “Celebrate”, which is a perfect cut to cruise down the highway to. If you want a party, club-banging track, hip yourself to track 13 – “Come Down” with its pitter-patter high-hat rhythm and call-back hooks; track 8 – “Parking Lot” can also be a fun party-cut!

In a new world where a single can elevate a less-than-worthy artist to stratospheric levels, it’s quite the treat when you have an artist who doesn’t want the fame, and crafts a personal novel for the unwashed to bask in. So, if you haven’t yet, please take the time to bask in the glow of Malibu… your soul will benefit.

One last piece of info on Anderson, he’s just released a new album under his side-project, NxWorries, with producer Knxwledge, put that on your Christmas list too!!