Music Discovery: February 2017

Some songs have power to make you hit that repeat button; they are the songs that you wish were  longer, and the kind you will surely be playing for years to come! You know it’s a great song when you start it from the beginning right when it’s over. This month, Blake Kirpes has selected some of his current favorite tracks, all of which get the “repeat” treatment when he plays them. Check out our February BrandRadio, as our entire music team has hand selected a mixture of new music to keep your playlists current!




Artist: Future Islands

Twitter: @futureislands

Track: Ran

The amazing new single from Future Islands is sure to be a hit and another classic in their catalog! This is the band’s first single from their upcoming album The Far Field – The song is about a person telling their love that they, “can’t take this world” with out them. This song is dramatic, powerful and emotional; it’s everything we’ve come to expect from Future Islands.


Artist: High Waisted

Twitter: @gethighwaisted

Track: Party In The Back

I connected with this great New York band though a bonding over album art – once I listened to a single song I was hooked! I promptly ordered my copy of their new album On Ludlow and have been loving it ever since. It’s the perfect album for just about any occasion; whether it’s driving, hanging around the house, or throwing a party, they have a track for you. The album is chalk full of catchy surf-garage-rock jams, including one of my favorite party tracks “Party In The Back.”


Artist: The Jesus and Mary Chain

Twitter: @TheMaryChain

Track: Amputation

The Jesus and Mary Chain put their first album out in 1985 when I was just 3 years old. Now, over 30 years later, they are still cranking out catchy fuzzed-out hits! Their newest single “Amputation” is a fun head bobbing jam that is perfect for any time of year, but I already know that it will be a mainstay of my 2017 Summer playlist. Their upcoming album Damage and Joy is the band’s first full-length since 1998 and it’s set for release on March 23rd.


Artist: Royksopp ft. Susanne Sundfør

Twitter: @royksopp

Track: Never Ever

After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best dance track of 2016. It’s impossible to listen to this song without feeling the need to dance. It’s also the kind of track that will be stuck in your head for days. If you are in need of a positive-vibes-dance-boost, this is the song you’re looking for. It’s the kind of song that you never ever want to end.