Music Discovery: July 2017

Ready for some amazing summer jams? Check out our July playlist, curated by our Music Supervisor team – with featured tracks from Blake Kirpes!


Late-Winter through Spring can be hit or miss for new music releases; there are always a handful of great albums, but there are also long stretches with little movement. However, now that we are in full-on summer mode, there are amazing singles and albums coming out seemingly every day.

In addition to the songs detailed below, be sure to check out the brand radio link which features great new releases from Japanese Breakfast, Algiers, Benjamin Booker, Amber Coffman, Chad VanGaalen, Grizzly Bear and Seattle band Great Grandpa.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite summer releases for 2017.


Artist: Alvvays

Twitter: @alvvaysband

Track: In Undertow

If you’re looking for a melancholy summer jam, then this is your track. It has been three years since Alvvays released their amazing debut self-titled debut album, and after hearing “In Undertow” the wait has been worth it.

The subtle lyric changes throughout each verse and chorus and kind of special touches that set Molly Rankin and her band apart from other artists in this genre.


Artist: Gordi

Twitter: @GordiMusic

Track: Heaven I Know

I am absolutely in love with the new single “Heaven I Know” from Gordi. It’s a beautiful and tragic piece of music that sticks with you after just one listen.

Gordie (aka Sophie Payten) is an Australian artist whose music blends electronic and organic instrumentation to produce a lush and beautiful sound similar to Bon Iver, Anna Of The North, and Airling.


Artist: Arcade Fire

Twitter: @arcadefire

Track: Creature Comfort

Arcade Fire is back and in pure electronic indie rock form. They have three amazing new singles, “Everything Now”, “Creature Comfort” and most recently “Signs of Life”.

All three tracks are sure-fire hits, but my personal favorite is “Creature Comfort”, where as usual, the band turns their heavy social-political lyrics into an uplifting anthem that inspires thought and change.


Artist: Wolf Alice

Twitter: @wolfalicemusic

Track: Don’t Delete The Kisses

The 2015 album “My Love Is Cool” from Wolf Alice was one of my favorite albums of the year, and if the band’s two latest singles “Yuk Foo” and “Don’t Delete The Kisses” are any indication, the band has another amazing album on the horizon.

If you are looking for a heavy rock anthem, check out “Yuck Foo”, and if you are looking for a more laid back track, check out the reverb-drenched “Don’t Delete The Kisses”.