Top Albums of 2017: Slowdive

The music supervision team at PlayNetwork saw over 6700+ albums, EPs and compilations added to our extensive music library in 2017. With so much amazing music to pick from, our Music Supervision team finally narrowed down their top 10 albums of the year.

To get things started we have enlisted one of our seasoned Musics Supervisors, Alex Espinosa, who has been curating music for clients all over the world for over 20 years. Alex tells you exactly why Slowdive is his favorite album of 2017.

Artist: Slowdive

Album: slowdive

Twitter: @slowdiveband

Track: Star Roving

Shoegaze is a term that originated in the early 90s in London that typically means hearing distorted layered guitar sounds behind ethereal vocals. Many classic bands such as Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine have come out of this era but one that stands out for me is Berkshire natives Slowdive. It was during the release of their debut album Just for a day (1991) produced by legendary Alan McGee, that had shared vocal duties by Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell that grabbed my attention during my college years. After releasing three (3) albums, they went on a long hiatus only to reunite in 2014 and release their latest album simply titled Slowdive (2017) with even stronger positive reviews than they first had in the 90s. Now in the middle of touring for their last album, they are generating rave reviews for their live show.