Music Discovery: Top Album 2018 – Black Honey

After waiting for years and being treated to a handful of really dynamic singles, Brighton’s Black Honey released their debut self titled album Black Honey. Check out why this album is music supervisor, Pete Greenburg’s, favorite album of the year.

While the wait felt like a long time, the album most definitely lives up to the expectation. Driven by equal parts of new wave, disco, and the throwback vibe of a Tarantino movie (think Kill Bill for a more specific reference), it’s clear that this LP has set out to turn your head and demand attention. There’s an openness that calls to mind a cinematic landscape that pushes imagery of late nights, the wild west, and broken hearts. A fizzing brilliance of an indie rock record full of honest intention and up-tempo tunes for hitting the open road. I highly recommend the tracks, “Whatever Happened to You,” “Hello Today,” and “I Only Hurt the Ones I Love.” Enjoy!

Artist: Black Honey

Track: I Only Hurt the Ones I Love