Music Discovery: October 2020

2020. The year that seems to be flying by, yet somehow, also frozen in time. In the midst of this twilight zone, we all have a little bit more time on our hands and I’ve tried to take advantage of it by discovering some new tunes. I’ve recently found myself gravitating towards an electro-indie-alt genre blend that has reminded me to chill amongst all this chaos in the world. Below are just a few tracks that have been love letters to my ears. Maybe they can bring you a little peace to get you through the rest of the year. Enjoy! – Kalla


Artist: Peter Manos

Track: Tennessee

Twitter: @peternmanos

This little diddly first sparked my interest when I heard the vocals enter with the auto-tune, only to be pleasantly surprised with the chordal progression of a secondary dominant (music theory nerd here). I was attracted to the simplicity and ethereal mood of the song the more and more I listened to it. A good reminder to slow down, close the eyes, and vibe out.


Artist: Jack Garratt

Track: Get In My Way

Twitter: @JackGarratt

I’ve been a big fan of Jack Garratt since his Remnants EP was released in 2014. His ability to add artistry to his music is one of the most enticing aspects about his musicianship. “Get In My Way” comes from his most recent album, Love, Death & Dancing, released in June. The interplay between the fluid falsetto and aggressive raspy voice adds a really nice touch of his vocal range.

Artist: Lani Rose

Track: I Need A Forest Fire

Twitter: @ItsLaniRose

Lani Rose takes James Blake’s “I Need A Forest Fire” from 2016 and puts his own spin on it in 2020. Specifically, the song was released in February during the devastating bushfires happening in Australia. I had to do a double-take when I first heard the vocals of Bon Iver to make sure the song was labeled correctly. It was. Added bonus? I’m a sucker for Bon Iver. Next thing I know, I’m cruising down a rabbit hole of Lani Rose’s past cuts and let me just say, if you’re craving some inventive genre-blending, look no further.