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Music Discovery: Top Song 2018 – Khalid

Senior Music Supervisor Spencer Manio wasn’t expecting his favorite track of the year to come from Khalid, but the moment he heard it–he started playing it on repeat! Check out his top track of 2018 below!

If you told me last January that my favorite track of 2018 would come from Khalid, I would not have believed you. But when this R&B posse cut dropped on 4/20, I ran it back 10+ times in the dad whip on the way home from work.

For me, it’s the perfect modern R&B song. Repetitive, vibe-y, yearn-y, and chill. Plus it has 3 verses sung by 3 different dudes who never overstay their welcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Artist: Khalid

Track: OTW feat. 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign

Twitter: @thegreatkhalid

Music Discovery: Top Album 2018 – Black Honey

After waiting for years and being treated to a handful of really dynamic singles, Brighton’s Black Honey released their debut self titled album Black Honey. Check out why this album is music supervisor, Pete Greenburg’s, favorite album of the year.

While the wait felt like a long time, the album most definitely lives up to the expectation. Driven by equal parts of new wave, disco, and the throwback vibe of a Tarantino movie (think Kill Bill for a more specific reference), it’s clear that this LP has set out to turn your head and demand attention. There’s an openness that calls to mind a cinematic landscape that pushes imagery of late nights, the wild west, and broken hearts. A fizzing brilliance of an indie rock record full of honest intention and up-tempo tunes for hitting the open road. I highly recommend the tracks, “Whatever Happened to You,” “Hello Today,” and “I Only Hurt the Ones I Love.” Enjoy!

Artist: Black Honey

Track: I Only Hurt the Ones I Love

Twitter: […]

Music Discovery – Top Album 2018 – Leon Bridges

Associate Music Supervisor, Ruben Lira, spent a lot of time reflecting on his favorite album of the year. And this year, his selection goes beyond just the music: it also connect with him on a personal level. Check out his pick for top album of 2018: Leon Bridges’ Good Thing

There are albums that are enjoyable, playful, and thought-provoking. And then there are albums that take this one step further, and connect with you on a deeper level. These are the albums that you embrace and claim to yourself, as your songs to the world; and this is one of those albums for me. Leon Bridges’ Good Thing veers into multiple emotions, in a style which is just not done enough today. From vintage R&B, to Jazz, to vintage soul of the Motown days, Good Thing traverses all these genres in fluidity not done enough in today’s music-scape. From celebrating life, to telling the struggles we all encounter in our daily lives, Good Thing is best heard as an antidote […]

Music Discovery: Top Album 2018 – Cardi B

Hi, I’m Brittany Ward and I work as an Associate Music Supervisor here at PlayNetwork. My choice for album of the year is Cardi B’s debut Invasion Of Privacy. Ever since the release of the album’s hit single “Bodak Yellow” I knew Cardi B would be someone I would be listening for. The future of who she would be as an artist was up to her. Only having released some mixtapes and being on a reality TV series, Cardi B was a clean slate…then came Invasion Of Privacy. It was almost a surprise since she announced the release in March and it came out later in April. Even with the short time for promotion, the project took off reaching number one on the charts, making her one of five women rap artists to reach number one.

This album is my personal favorite because I can listen to the full album, song by song, multiple times and still enjoy it because Cardi B has an exciting voice with her style of […]

Music Discovery: Top Album 2018 – Black Panther Soundtrack

For Christian Zabala, Associate Music Supervisor, his favorite album of the year was not a debut release, but rather a soundtrack. Check out his review of the Black Panther Soundtrack below!

While there are many albums that I enjoyed this year, my favorite may not be what you’d expect. It’s not an album that was a debut release (Cardi B’s album was great though!), nor was it a record that people have been waiting years for to see if it was worth the hype (I did enjoy my visits to Astroworld). Instead, I’ve chosen the Black Panther movie soundtrack. Yes, the soundtrack for the Marvel superhero movie that may very well be responsible for more representation of people of color in film moving forward (hey, Crazy Rich Asians came out this year too, it’s legit!).

Politics aside, the Black Panther soundtrack was put together by Compton native Kendrick Lamar, paying homage to the characters and the overall story of the film. This soundtrack was amazing and will hopefully make soundtracks cool […]