Heather’s Song of the Day: Sleep On Needles

Yesterday I fortunate enough to attend Sondre Lerche’s KEXP performance at Seattle’s The Triple Door. It was a fantastically simple setup; just Sondre and his two guitars.

I wasn’t super-familiar with his music before the show. I mean, I knew a few of his songs, but I wouldn’t say I was a super-fan or anything like that. After yesterday’s show though, I will definitely be looking up more of his tunes. In honor of his great performance yesterday, today’s Song Of The Day is Sondre Lerche’s “Sleep On Needles.” It is dedicated to you, Shannon! I know this is one of your favorite Sondre Lerche songs.

On a side note, does Sondre look like Haley Joel Osment in this video or what? You be the judge. Enjoy!


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