Concert Review: Sondre Lerche @ The Triple Door, Sep. 29th 2009

According to Sondre Lerche last night at his early show at The Triple Door, his hometown of Bergen, Norway just endured (or more likely celebrated as rainy cities love their rain) 100 days straight of rain. Reminding us Seattle is not the rainiest place on earth. And don’t we know it! In Seattle we had our first full day of rain in what felt like awhile after a lovely summer. It made for a perfect night to spend indoors at the elegant Triple Door: eating yummy satay, drinking wine, and watching Sondre Lerche.

After the sad and ruminative opener, New York-based songwriter JBM Sondre Lerche came out solo- just him toggling between his two guitars, electric and acoustic, and a backdrop of lighted “stars”. He was so engaging, captivating the audience with his crooning voice and playful guitar playing (that he makes look so easy!). His banter between songs was like a charming, dear friend- all self-effacing and adorable.

His whole catalogue was represented well for such a compact performance, from “Two-Way Monologue” to energized renditions of his new songs like “Heartbeat Radio” and “Words & Music”. He even did a callout for requests delighting the audience with their pleas for “Sleep on Needles”. Closing with “Modern Nature”- he coaxed the attentive crowd into chorus, making for one of the most melodic sing-a-longs I have ever heard.

This is the end of Sondre Lerche’s tour of the U.S., he will be entertaining Europe now supporting The Fray throughout October. Come back anytime Sondre, and you bring your friends from Kings of Convenience next time too. You are welcome to swap our rainy burg for yours anytime.

Producer, Branded Music/Voice Talent
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