Heather’s Song of the Day: All I See

Last night Kylie Minogue, the Australian pop princess, started her very first North American tour. It’s hard to believe that she has never toured on this side of the pond, especially considering that she’s been recording and performing since the 80’s. Remember The Loco-Motion? It’s been 21 years since that video was released, but Kylie looks exactly the same! Well, maybe she’s changed her hair a bit.

Despite enormous fame in her native country and in Europe, South America, Asia, and well, basically every other country in the world, Kylie has never really been able to match that success here in the US. It looks like she is hoping to break through now, though. I am a big Kylie Minogue fan and I am excited that she is at last touring in the states. Unfortunately, she did not include a Seattle date on this tour, but I am hoping that the tour is well-received and she decides to come back soon and add more stops.

So today’s Song Of The Day is “All I See,” which comes from Kylie’s 2007 album X. Enjoy!


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