Oh Canada!

I just went up this past weekend to check out what was going on in Vancouver with the Winter Olympics being so close. Turns out it looks almost like Vancouver does usually but with more drunk Canadians, much more Canadian flags and some photo ops on Granville Street near Robson Square. They had some crazy sculptures lining the sides of the road and Winter Olympic themed “Hole in the Wall” type cut outs.

It also had a small ‘lantern forest’. Children colored paper lantern and hung them up in the ‘forest’ made of small bare fake trees.

We stayed and watched a laser light show in Robson Square.


It was anticlimactic at best. It was much too bright all around to really see the lasers and whoever picked out the music was living under a rock. But it was exciting to see people dressed up in the outfits of different sports zip lining close overhead.

The bars were packed full with lines on the outside for people waiting for others to exit so they could enter. We tried to peek into the Irish House which was a massive tent full of big screen TV’s, entertainment and VIPs. The line for that went all the way around the block.

One thing’s for sure—if you didn’t know the Canadian National Anthem before you get there, you’ll certainly know it before you leave.

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