Comedy Review: Brad Upton

I’ve been to Laughs now a couple times now—amongst a huge crowd for Kevin Nealon and a very small crowd for Brad Upton. I love it here because it’s a nice place with a low-key feel (and they make some curiously strong drinks).

I’ve learned a few things about myself and comedy these past few shows:
1. Comics that smile a lot are annoying
2. I like myself and people I came with to get made fun of
3. Sometimes I laugh so hard I snort and I’m not embarrassed by that

Brad Upton was a lot of fun. He’s got a funny little face with funny little facial expressions that cracked me up all night.

He’s a Seattle native who has won the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and been in specials on HBO and Comedy Central. He’s just very “relatable”, likable and fun. Perfect for an enjoyable Thursday night out.

Here he is at Laugh’s a couple years ago:


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