Web Radio: Growing Trend for Consumers & Retailers

If you are like most people, then you probably find yourself sitting at a computer for a good chunk of your day. You also probably like to have some tunes playing in the background to keep yourself entertained while doing all those important things that make the Internet essential to our daily lives –  tweeting, checking email  and Facebook, doing your online shopping…you know.  And when you don’t feel like paying that $1.29 for a song anymore, and are sick of that playlist you’ve heard over 100 times, this is the time to turn to web radio, which was, by the way, ranked #2 in the decade’s top radio trends by Radio Survivor.  What do we say to this? Amen! After years of illegally downloading music, getting viruses from doing that, potentially getting fined, losing all music when the computer crashes – finally, we have arrived at web radio.  

The problem for us though is that we don’t want some generic web radio where we’re going to be listening to songs we don’t even like. Naturally, PlayNetwork has a solution for this problem and if you listen to web radio, I know you are all stoked to hear about it.  Take a hard think about this one:  If you like the clothes a retailer sells, you’ll probably like the music they play too. Bingo!
This past summer, PlayNetwork launched Dotsweb radio, but just recently made even more enhancements to it.  The fashion-savvy women’s national retailer has seen upgrades including iTunes and Amazon click-to-purchase, album artwork, upcoming song playlist and improved streaming service. We think these are pretty sweet enhancements, because if you come across a song you really like, you have the ability to purchase it right then and there with a simple click. Additionally, if you find a song you aren’t feelin’, then no big deal – you can view the next five songs in queue and skip to the next if you choose.  And as far as the updated streaming service, well…it’s faster, better and more efficient.  Can’t knock that. Oh yea, and if you are done browsing the Dots website, feel free to exit out and keep the web radio playing while you do whatever else it is that you are doing online.  
As you can tell, web radio is another creative way for retailers to customize their brand and make a statement for what they represent. Since music is a critical influence on fashion trends, and Dots is so passionate about fashion, it’s crucial that they provide music to their online and in-store customers reflecting their brand. The result seen here is pretty obvious – an infusion of fashion and music, and even more, a style translated to a portable playlist.