David Bowie ‘Station To Station’ Reissue

Whenever you hear or read about ‘Classic Bowie‘, it’s usually followed by references to ‘Ziggy Stardust‘ or the Berlin years with Eno. Either that, or it’s a hatchet job on his post-70’s material. All of which fail to do the man justice, frankly. If you want to know what’s up with Bowie, ask a fan, don’t listen to the critics. They’ll just fill you in on what the cognoscenti think, which is so far from Reality as to be fictional.

David Bowie‘s underrated classic ‘Station To Station‘ gets the remastered/repackaged treatment for public consumption September 20th! From the opening track, Bowie leaves the glam-rock and plastic soul behind for futuristic robotic crooning. After briefly looking back with “Golden Years“, he ventures back into space until crashing back to Earth again with maybe the best version of ‘Wild Is The Wind‘ ever recorded.

Let’s check out the sound & vision of a couple of tracks!
Here’s ‘TVC15’, performed on German Television with Adrian Belew on guitar…


How about another track from the same performance?
Here’s ‘Stay’…


The remastered & repackaged versions will delight the casual listener and the fanatic in equal measures, with both a ‘Special Edition’ & a ‘Deluxe Edition’ available for those with extra change lying around…

More info and a tracklisting can be found HERE!

Let’s cap it off with a fantastic live version from ’99 of ‘Wild Is The Wind’…


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