The Return of MTV?

NEWS FLASH!!!  Yesterday it was rumored that there may be 30 new episodes in the works of a couple of my favorite characters, Beavis and Butthead.  Since King of the Hill ended last year, I’ve been itching for my Mike Judge/Greg Daniels regular fix.  It’s said that the format of the cartoon would stay the same (story + music video commentary) down to the rudimentary drawing.

The question still remains where the show would air.  Would it return to one of the channels that had previously held the spot (MTV, Cartoon Network, Fox)?  Or would it air only online off of Judge’s own website?  I’m voting for the return of MTV.  Please stop making me hear about the Kardashians and Jersey Shore and start letting me watch Beavis and Butthead take on Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga videos.

Remember how fun this was?


I would be thrilled if my child gets to grow up with these guys.  Does that make me a bad mom?  I still hear people quoting this commentary:


What do you think:

  • Keep it in the vaults and don’t mess with a classic?
  • I am dumber just for having read this?
  • I knew my life was missing something.   Just keep the snorting and cornholio imitations to yourselves?

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