Brian Eno: New Release on WARP

Read yesterday that Brian Eno will be releasing a new album on WARP. As far as i’m concerned, a new Brian Eno album of any kind on any label is welcome news! I love Eno’s music and his philosophy on life. I would worship at The Church Of Eno, even though he would absolutely loathe such an idea. In fact, it’s my understanding that Eno would hesitate to support any religious institution, which is ironic as he loves Gospel music.


It is also my understanding that any “NEW” album is a misrepresentation. Eno, as a musician, spends his time tarrying in the studio, stockpiling complete as well as unfinished ideas. Much like Prince, he is believed to have loads of unheard/unreleased material of varying quality locked away in the “vault” somewhere. This “NEW” album I assume is no different.

In fact, one of his collaborators alludes to this very fact! “It contains the fruits of several years of jams between the three of us,” Leo Abrahams wrote. Eno’s last 2 “official” releases have consisted of music selected by his assistant, and not necessarily the man himself. They also happen to be great records, so who’s complaining?

Check out this song from his 2005 release, “Another Day On Earth“…


Or this track from 2008’s collaboration with David Byrne, “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today“…


I guess what I’m saying is, why are there not more “NEW” releases from Brian Eno? Clearly there is plenty of excellent material to choose from! And why not release the mother of all unreleased Eno albums, “My Squelchy Life“? Some of which has actually been parted out to different records…

For more assistant assisted releases, check out EnoShop

Now don’t get me wrong! Eno can also produce amazing stuff on the fly as well, just give this a listen and hear why U2 finally gave him a writing credit…


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