Summer at the Space Needle

Alas, it’s that time again!  Where Seattle weather is the perfect 75 degrees and sunny every day.   These are the days  I miss living downtown the most.   Good thing Seattle keeps all sorts of fun things happening so I have constant excuses to make my way over there.  Coming up next week, KEXP and Seattle Center join forces to bring us free music and movies ‘Concerts at the Mural‘ and ‘Movies at the Mural‘!!  Hanging out on the lawn of the Mural Ampitheatre sounds like my kind of way to spend a summer evening.  I can even pretend I live in the “good ol’ days” where drive-in movie theaters where popular and people knew (and spoke to) their neighbors!  Now the only problem is which ones do I go to?  I certainly can’t miss watching The Princess Bride for the 485th time.  It’s outside this time!

Kymberlee Taylor
Executive Assistant/Sales Coordinator
PlayNetwork, Inc.