Comedy Makes the World Go ‘Round (some reviews)

I have an addiction.  It’s a problem.  I’m completely addicted to live comedy.  There had been a couple weeks of not frequenting a stand up joint and I was getting the shakes.  Luckily I got tickets last week to go see Doug Benson of ‘Super High Me‘ , Comedy Central programs, and VH1’s Best Week Ever.  I’ve seen his stand up on Comedy Central before and wasn’t super impressed.  Which is why I’ve decided you haven’t really ‘seen’ someone until you’ve seen them live.  He was hilarious.  Interacting with the people in the crowd who were telling him to open his eyes, making fun of a poster someone made for him, and getting to tell jokes about McDonald’s and how his flatulence smells like delicious McGriddles (they weren’t a sponsor this time).  His opener, Graham Elwood, was fantastic as well.  He kept on getting distracted by the wavy lights in the background and having a little one-man rave party.  I even got my own ‘Yellow Belt Palm Strike‘ t-shirt to celebrate my own yellow belt status and how ridiculous some of the moves are.

They also taped a live podcast that you can check out HERE when it’s posted.

Comedy makes everything better.  I had just recently gone to volunteer at a Wondergirls concert.  Why did I watch this Korean girl band sensation you ask?  Well because Bobby Lee was in one of their videos!  I saw him stand up a week later and he mentioned the video and how he had no idea what was going on and his only instruction was to “act like an alien”.

Check it out:


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