Top Albums of 2013

We are keeping them coming… four left in our series of ten reviews of some of PlayNetwork’s top albums of 2013.  Enjoy!

danny-brown-old-tracklist1 danny-brown

Artist: Danny Brown

Album: Old

Label:  Fool’s Gold/Warner Bros.

On the opening title track of Danny Brown’s last full length offering, 2012’s XXX, which catapulted him into the mainstream consciousness, Danny exclaims, “If this sh*t don’t work…I’ve failed at life…I’ve turned to these drugs now these drugs turned my life”. Contrary to the popular perception, XXX was not an album about parties and popping molly, but rather the desperation of a relatively unknown 30-year -old rapper, living in a city in turmoil (Detroit), using Adderall to write into the wee hours, and street drugs for self-medication. Now with 2013’s Old, an album appropriately split into Side A and Side B, we find Danny torn between celebrating his success in an excess of parties, drugs, and women (Side B), and reflecting on the consequences of this lifestyle on himself, his loved ones, and his craft (Side A). On “Clean Up” Danny acknowledges, “it’s time for me to clean it up, I came too far to f*ck it up,” but club tracks such as “Smokin’ & Drinkin'” and “Kush Coma” suggest he’s not quite ready to leave the party lifestyle behind. The final track “Float On,” perfectly summarizes this excellent Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde styled album, leaving Danny unsure about the future, praying he’ll make it long enough to see “his influence on this genre of music” — a wish that for better or worse drove Danny to make one of the best and most unique albums of the year.

Blake Kirpes, Music Supervisor