Digital Technology and the Changing Face of Music Promotion

To kick off Capitol Hill Block Party, a variety of experts from the music industry gathered to discuss how digital technology is changing the way music is consumed.  The panel was moderated by Porter Novelli‘s Matt Ashworth and featured PlayNetwork‘s own VP of Global Brand Development,  John Crooke; Kevin Stapleord, Senior Director of programming at Slacker Radio; Eli Anderson, talent buyer for the CHBP; Reed Juenger, co-founder and producer of Beat Connection and Chris Estey from Big Freak Media.

The discussion highlighted how massive amounts of music have become easily accessible because of  technology, making curation more challenging and even more essential.  This curation is needed across all channels – from radio, DJing, venue & festival booking to in-store music.

It also highlighted the importance of art and commerce.  For example Eli, a festival and venue curator, tries to understand the effect that online music platforms such as Bandcamp have for top-played artists or what airplay in popular coffee shops actually translates to?  Does it mean filling venues and increasing sales?  Does it position the platform or business as music tastemakers to the public?

What we can say was settled during this panel is that people value authentic, rich experiences; music curation creates music discovery opportunities and builds emotional connections with people.  Effectively curated music creates community and moments of serendipity, outside of transactions.

For more on the panel, check out this write-up from GeekWire.  Want to learn more about how music curation can help your brand? Check out this infographic and give us a shout!