Music Discovery: September 2017

This month’s music discovery comes to you from one our seasoned Music Supervisors, Alex Espinosa, who has worked in this business for over 25 years. As always, our September BrandRadio playlist has been handpicked by our entire music team to set your playlist in the right direction with some new music discovery.


Music has always been about diversity for me–not caring about color or religion when it comes to the music. My personal opinion has always been, “If it sounds great, who cares who sings it.” With today’s political climate and a them vs. us mentality, I’m happy that music still has that universal feel to it where everyone can just enjoy good tunes.

Below is a list of songs from 2017 that I feel embodies undividedness where it’s the music that really matters.

Artist: Bomba Estereo

Twitter: Bomba Estereo

Track: Ayo

This Colombian band has been making their steady climb since performing at SXSW back in 2009. Since then, they have been nominated for 3 Grammys, performed a song with Will Smith and have won many admirers with their live performances, especially with lead singer Liliana Saumet’s colorful outfits. Their latest release “Ayo” was just release via Sony.


Artist: Quantic

Twitter: Quantic

Track: Amor En Francia

William Holland, aka Qauntic, is a British musician and record producer base out of NYC. His music and sound is rooted in classic styles such as Bossa Nova, Salsa and Cumbias mixed with Electronic elements giving his sonic output a modern bite for the dance floor. He has worked with many guest vocalists to bring his vision and soundscape to the forefront.


Artist: Lucas Santtana

Twitter: Lucas Santtana

Track: Musico

Discovered by Brazilian legend Gilberto Gil in 1994, Lucas Santtana was then invited to play on Gil’s Tropicalia 2. After that eventful encounter, Santtana who hails from Bahia, Brazil, immersed himself in Afro-Brazilian Rhythms, Motown Funk and European Electronica to create his own sonic amalgam.


Artist: Little Jesus

Twitter: Little Jesus

Track: La Magia

Mexico City’s own Little Jesus was formed by Santiago Casillas after studying music at Berklee University in Boston. After releasing their first single “Berlin” back in 2012, they started to tour relentlessly all over Latin America honing in on their live performance and slowly started to gain a steady fan base. With the release of their latest album Rio Salvaje, they are gaining recognition worldwide.