Music Discovery: October 2017

This month’s music discovery comes to you from one of our Music Supervisors, Gabriel Marowitz, an experienced Music Supervisor who enjoys rocking to the local scene here in Seattle. Gabriel has handpicked a number of awesome tracks, all added to the October playlist-handpicked by our entire music team. Check it out!


When I’m not sitting in my office at work writing blog posts like these or updating the Starbucks playlist, I’m often playing music with friends around town. One of my favorite parts of being in a band is all the interesting and fun people you meet along the way, so here are a few songs from some of the talented musicians we got to cross paths and hang with over the summer.

Artist: Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown


Track: Loaded Dice & Buried Money

These guys came all the way from Nashville to headline Chinook Fest in Central Washington, and the next time they’re out that way they’ll probably be rocking The Gorge opening for Guns N’ Roses or Aerosmith. Pretty sure they audition their band members on both absolute shredding and rock n’ roll hair abilities.


Artist: Rain City Ramblers

Facebook: @Raincityramblers

Track: Suburban Hellfire

A trio from Seattle making old new-fashioned acoustic music, these gents are excellent musicians and incredible songwriters to boot. They are also road warriors who recently drove 10,000 miles on tour across the USA in a Prius, with an upright bass.


Artist: The Hasslers

Twitter: @thehasslers

Track: Falling out of Love

It was no hassle at all kicking it with The Hasslers at Upstream Music Festival in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood (thanks Uncle Paul, let’s do it again!). Original songs from Missoula, MT that are good but hard to put in a box. Sometimes it sounds folksy, other times it’s a country two-step, and every once in a while they bust out a horn section and sound like The Band.


Artist: The Lil Smokies

Twitter: @thelilsmokies

Track: California

At some point very soon I’ll have to stop saying they are the best “up and coming” bluegrass band out there today and just call it what it is. These guys are the real deal.