Music Discovery: November 2017

This month’s music discovery comes to you by one our Associate Music Supervisors, Ruben Lira. Our November BrandRadio playlist has been handpicked by our entire music team to set your playlist in the right direction for this month’s music discovery.


The Seattle music scene is one of variation on intensity; the scope of rock is as broad as the terrain of Washington state. As a lover of a multitude of music genres and music discovery, I bring you a group of bands who do not get the notoriety they deserve. These are a mix of local Seattle punk and rock bands who are slowly gaining more acclaim, and have the potential to become the new foundation of the scene. As a person who loves exploring the depths of music, these are my current favorite local Seattle post punk bands. These are the bands who lean more on the raw, loud side of the music spectrum; you have been warned.



Twitter: @shivertwinz

Track: Rearrange

SHIVERTWINS is a band hailing from Alaska, who decided to descend to Seattle. With a post punk pop invoking a splash of new wave, they have a sound which could push the gloomy days aside with their shimmering guitar sounds. With ear pleasing guitar tones and dancing rhythms, “Rearrange” is a song which encapsulates the entire band’s sound in one listen.



Twitter: @monsterwatchh

Track: Tuesday

MONSTERWATCH has a vintage unabashed punk sound which is both fun and intense in every song. One of my favorite songs and one in which I highly recommend is, “Tuesday.” With heavy guitars and rebellious lyrics, they tells us like it is, with no fluff and no hiding the truth. Groovy punk with raw intensity, MONSTERWATCH is coming to a local venue near you!


Artist: Crazy Eyes

Twitter: @crazyeyespeekin

Track: Cotton Candy Club

Fun jangly punk with electric piano, Crazy Eyes bring the theatrics and the ferocity you expect from a punk band. Ranging from sweet catchy pop punk piano ballads, to dancing in your face noise punk. Come feel the intensity, and let the Eyes pull you into their world. Who doesn’t love electric piano with a punk flare?