Music Discovery: May 2018

This month’s music discovery blog is by our seasoned Music Supervisor Alex Espinosa who has over 30 years’ experience in the music world. Our May BrandRadio playlist has been handpicked by our entire music team to set your playlist in the right direction with this month’s music discovery.




My earliest memories of music are from the spring and summer months; where the days got longer and the music blared on the radio. I still remember where I was when I first heard “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, or asking my mom to turn up the radio when “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers would come on. These songs have always had a lasting impression on me, as they evoke the perfect chill vibe that is perfect during the warm days and nights this time of year. Below are some new cuts that are all about this vibe, as well as an older classic that will sure to bring back memories.

Artist: Synapson

Twitter: @synapson

Track: Hide Away feat. Holly

French Electro and Nu Disco duo Synapson consisting of Paul Cucuron and Alexandre Chiere have been releasing electronic beats since 2009 with a handful of guest vocalists. They reached #10 on the French charts with their hit “All In You” featuring Anna Kova in 2012, and have been producing and mixing many hits you hear today. With their new hit single “Hide Away” featuring Holly climbing the charts all over Europe, it’s sure to catch fire during the summer seasons here in the states.


Artist: Cary Brothers

Twitter: @carybrothers

Track: Crush

Cary Brothers who now lives in Los Angeles via Nashville, Tennessee is an indie folk singer who has said his influence comes from 80s music. (And yes, his first name is Cary and last name Brothers as some people have confused his name with that of a band name.) Since 2003, his music has been featured in such TV staples such as Grey’s Anatomy, Bones and others. With his new single “Crush” his 80s influence shines brightly. He even confesses that the song is an ode to the actress Molly Ringwald dancing to one of John Hughes’ movies.


Artist: The Ramona Flowers

Twitter: @TheRamonaFlower

Track: Strangers

The Ramona Flowers is an English 5-piece, who takes their name from a character in the movie Scott Pilgram vs. The World, has garnered praises from U2’s Bono and other influential musicians alike. Mixing a blend of rock and electronic as well as combining glitchy drum beats and souring choruses, they have progressed much since their debut “Dismantle and Rebuild” (2014). With a new album Strangers coming out May 18th, and a tour to hopefully follow, I’m sure they’ll continue their steady climb to the top.


Artist: The Dobbie Brothers

Twitter: @TheDoobieBros

Track: What A Fool Believes

This classic Dobbie Brothers staple (with Michael McDonald on vocals) reached #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in April of 1979. Whenever I hear this song, it automatically takes me back to my childhood summers that were spent in Baja, Mexico–spending time with family and friends, and camping on the beach. The year “What A Fool Believes” came out had many firsts for me: my first kiss, my first ride on a motorbike, and my first time hearing a song that always brings those memories flooding back.