Music Discovery: March 2019

Happy March everyone! I’m Pete Greenberg, Music Supervisor here at PlayNetwork. So, here’s the deal. There are some great songs out there (no surprise) and I’ve collected a few in a playlist for you to check out this month. Personally, I’m loving these songs right now and am hopeful you will too. If for some reason you don’t, it’s okay. We can still be friends. But chances are you just lost your ride to the airport. I’m only kidding. Kinda.




Artist: Telekinesis

Track: A Place in the Sun


Telekinesis is back! Okay, it’s not like they actually went away and have finally returned or anything. Just that there’s a new album and I’m beyond excited. I love this band and love this return to indie rock form for them. Such great tones on this recording. There’s a real crispness to the track that does a great job of hooking you in and lifting you up.


Artist: Tiggs Da Author

Track: Do My Thing

Twitter: @TiggsDaAuthor

If this song doesn’t have a great party hit vibe to it, I don’t know what does. Most of Tiggs Da Author’s songs have that unstoppable “hook you” in element and surprise, no surprise this one is no different. Go ahead and try to resist bouncing along to the beat at your desk, in your car, wherever you are. It simply cannot be done.


Artist: SYML

Track: Clean Eyes (The Midnight Remix)


This is what happens when you take a great indie pop song and remix it to feel like it belongs in a back alley somewhere near Daft Punk’s neighborhood… or perhaps a next-door neighbor of the Stranger Things soundtrack. Either way, what follows is a dark turn on a toe-tapping tune with a solid driving beat. Listening to the styles blend themselves together like that, turns out to be a successful merging of concept and execution.