Music Discovery: April 2019

Hi, my name is Christian Zabala and I’m an Associate Music Supervisor at PlayNetwork. This month’s post is focused on some new R&B from artists you may or may not have heard. I’ve been listening to a lot of records from this genre as it continues to make its way back in the mainstream…and because it’s just good for the soul.


Artist: Amber Mark

Track: Put You On

Twitter: @Amb3rMark

By default, I like this song because its sound is inspired by New Jack Swing. Amber Mark does a great job of capturing the sound of old school R&B and making it work with the lingo of today’s R&B. I mean, if Sade gives you her support, then you must be good.

Artist: Summer Walker

Track: Girls Need Love (Drake Remix)

Twitter: @summerwalker

I’ve had this song on repeat…even before Drake decided to jump on and give this a remix! I don’t know if it’s the hypnotic beat or her old school vibe in her vocals, but Summer Walker has been slowly making her presence felt in the R&B circle and based on her style, she’ll be around for a while.

Artist: Solange

Track: Dreams

Twitter: @solangeknowles

Solange knows how to bring soul to her tracks and it’s no different on this record. Just put this on when you need to slow down or want to get lost in a beautiful soundscape.