Music Discovery: June 2019

Why hello there! I’m Kalla Vavra, an Associate Music Supervisor and Voice Talent here at PlayNetwork. If you’ve been living under a rock that has been buried 20 feet underground since April 14th, you’ve probably been blessed to avoid any or all conversation regarding Game of Thrones. Not me. I, along with the other millions of viewers, am an avid GoT fan and I threw caution to the wind and poured my whole being into the last season of this sacred series. I immersed myself in all things Game of Thrones related and upon my research, I was lucky to come across the album For The Throne (Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones). The songs inspired by the TV series led me to thinking, are there other songs that have been inspired by television or film? The answer is yes, but we’re going to focus on the For The Throne album for the time being. Below are my favorite tracks from the album. Enjoy!


Artist: The Lumineers

Track: Nightshade

Twitter: @thelumineers

If there was one character you need to know about, it’s Jon Snow. The song was inspired by Jon Snow and one of his many seemingly character-ending encounters in the series. The lyrics cleverly outline Jon’s moral compass amidst adversity during a stand-off with the white walkers. The solo piano paired with the haunting lyrics are chilling, just like the white walkers.    

Artist: Chloe & Halle

Track: Wolf At Your Door

Twitter: @Bailiens

This duo continues to prove their creative genius time and time again. Their eerie yet powerful vocals hint at the Stark sisters, Arya and Sansa, as their muses for this track. The only thing that would make this track even better would be to change the title to “Dire Wolf At Your Door.” GoT fans will understand.

Artist: SZA & The Weeknd & Travis Scott

Track: Power is Power

Twitter: @sza, @theweekend, @trvisXX

To be completely honest, this track had to be fire. The title is taken straight form the words of Queen Cersei Lannister when she is told “knowledge is power.” She then responds by giving a series of futile demands to her guards before proving her point that power is in fact, power. One line acted as the foundation for the entire song. Now that’s power.