Music Discovery: May 2019

Hello! I’m Mark Campbell, Music Supervisor here at PlayNetwork. For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to electronic sounds. From the voice of R2-D2 to assorted audio logos heard in television shows and commercials, these noises have always grabbed my attention. So naturally, this fascination is reflected in a large portion of my musical tastes. Here’s a few new tracks I’ve discovered that feature my favorite musical instrument of all time (the synthesizer) front and center. Enjoy!


Artist: Tycho

Track: Easy

Twitter: @ISO50

Scott Hansen, known professionally as Tycho, recently dropped this track as a prelude to his forthcoming album. Mostly instrumental (with some nebulous background vocals), this track features a successful and compelling blend of electronic and acoustic elements. Moreover, the buttery-smooth synth lead almost makes you forget you’re listening to electronic music altogether.

Artist: Robotaki

Track: Beaches

Twitter: @Robotaki

Fun fact: Preston Anthony Chin, better known by his stage name Robotaki, has a Master’s degree in genetics. And given the precision of this track’s arrangement and production, it’s clear to see the influence of his scientific background. Glitchy and electronic, the song still maintains a sense of warmth and comfort – perhaps the perfect soundtrack for your next visit to the beach.

Artist: Elohim

Track: The Wave (Louis the Child Remix)

Twitter: @elohimmusic

As is often the case, a remix can lift a song to an entirely different level. Here Louis the Child (the Chicago-based DJ and production duo) take Elohim’s track in a new, provocative direction. Chock full of arpeggiated synth runs and big electro beats, this new remix grabs your attention and refuses to let go.