Music Discovery: Top Picks of 2019

Hi,my name is Ruben Lira, an associate music supervisor with PlayNetwork. I am fortunate to be able to go through all types of music for work. As with other years, 2019 brought an assortment of music from all genres. These are some of my favorite albums or EP for 2019.



Artist: Black Pumas

Track: Black Moon Rising

Twitter: @BlackPumasMusic

Music can make you move, inspire thoughtful conversations, and bring about a soulful coolness to your day… this is the Black Pumas. A Staxx Records-esque soul revival with a modern R&B smoothness throughout the entire record.


Artist: Acid Tongue

Track: If Lovin’ You Was Easier

Twitter: @acidtongue

I imagine this is what a modern Rolling Stones would sound like – a balance between psychedelic and soul, with ease. Yet, with all this fun, the music is straight forward and still finds a way to challenge the norm.


Artist: Brittany Howard

Track: Stay High

Twitter: @blkfootwhtfoot

The album is a swirl of genres and lyrical empowerment. You can read the lyrics as a complete summary of the things going on today. Brittany Howard defines what you need to hear, not what you want-no bashfulness in both the lyrics and music.