Music Discovery: Top Picks of 2019

Hi, I’m Music Supervisor Chris Robles. R&B and Reggae are some of the main styles of music that I gravitate to and the songs I picked reflects this. These songs weren’t big hits or chart toppers, but I definitely gave these songs repeat listens. Enjoy!



Artist: Tei Shi feat. Blood Orange

Track: Even If It Hurts

Twitter: @TeiShi

This song has a nice smooth groove and sultry vocals that I enjoyed listening to while chillin’ at home. This is their second collaboration together, she was on the Blood Orange’s song “Hope,” which also features Puff Daddy.


Artist: Skip Marlety Feat. H.E.R.

Track: Slow Down

Twitter: @SkipMarley

A nice Reggae/R&B collaboration that I wasn’t expecting to happen. Skip Marley is the son of Cedella Marley (Bob Marley’s daughter) and H.E.R. complement each other very well on this song. I would love to hear H.E.R. do more reggae style songs in the future!


Artist: Haile Supreme

Track: Danjahrous

Twitter: @HaileSupreme

A funky song that has a jazzy/R&B groove with Reggae stylings on the vocals. A nice combination of music genres which immediately grabbed my attention.