Music Discovery: January 2020

Hi, I am Ruben Lira, an associate music supervisor here at PlayNetwork. I am fortunate to be able to listen to all types of music for work. My taste can vary, but something I always try to push, is discovering the lesser known artists. These are some of the songs currently being played on repeat on my playlist.




Artist: Lilith

Track: Vacation

Twitter: @lilithworldwide

“Vacation” feels like a throwback to those 90s-weezer-esque songs, put out by a pair of indie labels in Boston – Disposable-America Records and Take this to Heart Records – Lilith is both huge in sound and poetic depth within the lyrics.


Artist: Julien Baker

Track: Tokyo

Twitter: @julienbaker

A journey into an intense time of life – the song starts off somewhat tranquil then veers into a buildup into this soundscape of complexities. This is a single put out by the venerable Sub Pop Records who continues to bring awareness to those lesser known artists.


Artist: Sorrey

Track: Sign

Facebook: @esorry

We all need a little ‘dreampop’ in our lives. This is my current favorite track for bringing a little sun to my day – shimmering guitars = happy vibes. “Signs” was put out on a fairly new label called Garment District Records located in Toronto Canada and I think it is well worth the listen.