Music Discovery: February 2020

With the start of 2020 comes a new decade of releases. New bands trying to make their mark as well as reunions from bands/artist that have some people asking “Why,” while others welcome with open arms. One thing that never changes from year to year is new music being release that is music for the soul and for the ears. Below are two new releases that are on repeat and a classic track that is a flashback to a sound and time in my youth where music started to inspire me and take me down a path where music would become my life. RIP Andy Gill.


Artist: Kasbo feat. Lizzy Land

Track: I Get You

Twitter: @KasboMusic

Swedish producer, DJ, genius Carl Garsbo aka Kasbo has remixed songs for such artists as Jai Wolf, Local Natives and Vance Joy but it’s his own produced music that has people taking notice, especially after ODESZA picked him to open for a few shows during their 2017 mega tour. A bit of tinnitus last year slowed him down for some time, but came back with vengeance with his latest single “I Get You” featuring Portland, Oregon singer Elizabeth Marie Land, aka Lizzy Land.

Artist: Hombre Radio

Track: Astrolabio

Twitter: @HombreRadioMx

Mexican Electro Pop band Hombre Radio, is somewhat new to the game just forming 5 years ago, but is already gaining momentum with their live shows throughout Mexico with a sound that blends 80s electronic pioneers New Order and Depeche Mode to name a few. With their new EP Voyager just released this past December, I hope to see these guys make waves in the states soon.

Artist: Gang of Four

Track: I Found That Essence Rare (Live John Peel Sessions 1979)

Facebook: @gangoffourofficial

Where to begin with this band? Having found a sound in my youth that spoke to me that was radical from what my two older brothers were listening to had my mother thinking I had gone mad as a young 11 year old. Bands like Joy Division, Wire, The Fall and of course Gang Of Four among many others, spoke to me about rebellion, politics, sex and just a way to express oneself that was different from the norm. The Driving force behind Gang Of Four of course was guitarist and founder Andy Gill. The way he played and straddled his guitar made it seem like if was a part of his body. His unique playing style that has been emulated by hundreds, if not thousands of other guitarists today, gives testament to his legacy. Andy Gill passed away this past Saturday after a short illness, he was 64 years old.