Music Discovery: Top Albums of 2020

2020 was the worst. But 2020 music was the best.


Artist: The Microphones

Album: Microphones in 2020

Song: Microphones in 2020

The best songs are 2 minutes or less. That would mean the song “Microphones in 2020” is 22 times dope. Phil flows through a soul-baring (crushing) lyrical meditation over acoustic guitar and if you’re brave enough to get to the end of the song, you’ll be rewarded with your own questions about life and the meaning behind it all. Kind of like this past year.

Top 10 Albums in alphabetical order

1. Ana Roxanne “Because of a Flower”
2. Bad Bunny “YHLQMDLG”
3. Boldy James “The Price of Tea in China”
4. Cindy Lee “What’s Tonight To Eternity”
5. Eartheater “Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin”
6. Hiroshi Yoshimura “Green” Reissue
7. Jusell, Prymek, Sage, Shiroishi “Fuubutsushi (風物詩)
8. Lil Baby “My Turn”
9. Pharaoh Sanders “Live in Paris (1975)” Reissue
10. Polo G “The Goat”