Tz’s Daily Dose of Decade: Love And Rockets

There is a new tribute album on the shelves right now, and while i would normally say ‘so what?’, this is one that i just cannot pass up. Finally someone has realized how fantastic Love And Rockets are! Made up of 3/4 of Bauhaus, it’s that band that usually takes up the press in cyberspace and beyond, but Love And Rockets are a force of their own, and arguably more listenable as i ‘grow up’! As i said, i usually cannot stand tribute albums, but this one has got me excited, because not only does a new generation have the opportunity to hear these songs, but it also includes some of my other favorite artists, like…
The Flaming Lips, The Dandy Warhols & Film School, to name a few.
But beware of the Black Francis cover! Yuck.

You can listen to samples of the tribute, titled
New Tales To Tell: A Tribute To Love And Rockets” here,
and if you like what you hear…
BUY IT! Amazon or iTunes

As great as some of those covers are, here is the real deal!
Love And Rockets with ‘Dog End Of A Day Gone By’


Buy! Amazon or iTunes

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