Beiber and Ullman Slowwwwed Dowwwwn

So… I’m sure you’ve heard the viral sound of Justin Beiber’s song, “U Smile” slowed down by 800%, and the process of slowing that song down created a sound that is unearthly. The original of the sing can be found here:


But when it’s slowed down by 800%, this is what you get:


Have you heard the slowed version of Tracey Ullman’s “They don’t Know”? Here is the original:

And slowed down, she sounds eerily like Tears for Fears

So, there you have it! Now, run home, grab your vinyl (or buy a program with audio slowing capabilities) and see what musical treasures you can create by slowing things down a bit!

Zoë Dixon
Messaging Coordinator
PlayNetwork, Inc.