Music Discovery: March 2020

Hi, I’m Matthew Hayman , a Music Supervisor at PlayNetwork in our London office.This month marks one year in the business for me, and what better way to celebrate this occasion than to share some of my new music discoveries. The albums I’ve featured include a long-awaited return from a personal favourite, a new solo record from an unsung talent and sadly a farewell to one of the most influential heroes in music.


Artist: Agnes Obel

Track: Broken Sleep

Twitter: @agnesobel

Agnes Obel is a self-written, recorded and produced Danish singer/songwriter. This month she returns with her spellbinding fourth album. Recording in isolation and mainly at night in her Berlin home studio; Myopia explores dark themes of trust and doubts through minimal orchestration and rich melodies. While her angelic vocal preaches to melancholy tones, which unwind and twist into a heart-warming and celestial sound, she has produced an elegant and hauntingly beautiful record.


Artist: John Carroll Kirby

Track: Blueberry Beads

Instagram: @johncarrollkirby

LA producer, composer and Pianist John Carroll Kirby may only be known by the liner notes for his work with Solange and Frank Ocean. In April he will release a new album, My Garden bringing together the music style of the above, in a colourful neo-cinematic jazz record. The album’s effortless energy floats through smooth textures where naive piano notes trickle over sparse soundscapes, while uneasy grooves keep the listener immersed in a futuristic, sometimes spiritual sound.


Artist: Andrew Weatherall RIP

This month we pay tribute to the legendary British DJ, record producer, and remixer Mr. Andrew Weatherall; who sadly passed away on Monday 17th Feb 2020, at the age of 56. While his name may not be familiar with everyone, he had a huge influence on generations of DJs, music selectors and musicians since the early 90s, by carving out his own groove and not conforming to hype or success. His influences in music transcended styles and genres, encapsulating hugely diverse audiences and crowds, uniting us all as one, through the power of music. He was a main figure during the rise of the late 80’s and early 90’s UK club scene. Armed with an amazing record collection and encyclopedic knowledge of music he soon made the transition into creating his own dance floor classics while being asked to remix bands like Happy Mondays and Saint Etienne. This then led him to the helm of music as producer of records like Screamadelica (1991) by Primal Scream and more recently Tarot Sport (2009) By Fuck Buttons, which went on to be part of the epic soundtrack to the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.

Andrew Weatherall will leave behind an epic legacy in music that will continue to inspire the way we listen.

Tune in to his Boiler Room set from 2012 below.