Music Discovery: November 2021

Hello! My name is Alex Ruder, I’m a music supervisor and editorial lead here on the PlayNetwork music team. Since my teenage years, I’ve been a massive fan of remixes and hearing how different artists take an original song and shift it into their own distinctive space. Whether it’s a remix designed specifically for the dancefloor, a remix that adds a bit of a beat to a jazzy tune, or a remix that spaces things out into an ethereal zone, I find the shape-shifting unpredictability of remixes constantly fascinating. Here are some favorite remixes that have caught my ear this year…



Artist: Lady Blackbird / Zach Witness

Track: It’ll Never Happen Again (Zach Witness Remix)

While he’s worked closely in the past with artists like Erykah Badu, Andre3000, and Jon Bap, Dallas-based musician Zach Witness is an under-the-radar artist who has a magic touch with his remix work. His take on Prince’s “17 Days” is an undeniable winner that is always on-hand when I’m DJ’ing parties, and his new remix of LA-based soul singer Lady Blackbird’s single “It’ll Never Happen Again” is a refreshing take on the classic Verve Remixed sound in its ability to flip a jazz tune into a euphoric dancefloor filler.


Artist: Nubya Garcia / DJ Harrison

Track: The Message Continues (DJ Harrison Remix)

British saxophonist/composer Nubya Garcia dropped one of 2020’s standout jazz albums with SOURCE and she’s enlisted a bunch of talented friends to take songs off the album into exciting new territory for the new remix collection SOURCE ⧺ WE MOVE. With contributions from Nala Sinephro, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Moses Boyd, KeiyaA, and more, there’s plenty of standout options to choose from, but I’m rolling with the nostalgic jazzy hip-hop twist laid down by Richmond, Virginia’s DJ Harrison.


Artist: Beverly Glenn-Copeland / Ana Roxanne 

Track: Old (New) Melody (Ana Roxanne Remix)

The recent renaissance, revival, and reemergence of the transgender musician Beverly Glenn-Copeland has been one of the more joyful music stories of the past few years. Their 1986 album Keyboard Fantasies is a sublime and uplifting gem of an album, blending new age, soul, and pop in profound ways. While it was largely overlooked upon its release, the album has witnessed a renewed celebration and it will be receiving a captivating remix collection that will be released in full later this year. This dreamy ambient remix by non-binary artist Ana Roxanne subtly takes Beverly’s song into an enhanced ethereal zone, and signifies how Beverly’s music from 35 years ago is connecting with today’s experimental musicians.